Jennie at 51: Still Looking Great

Don’t know what to think about the car, but Jennie looks dazzling.

Jennie in her natural element.

Got into a fascinating Facebook chat with my favorite daughter, Jenniffer, this morning and came away with some nice photos of her–at 51–by the inimitable Jeri Layne.

Jennie and Jeri have been friends over quite a distance (Jeri lives here; Jennie in North Georgia) for a good while.

Jeri is one of those people who can do anything she chooses and do it at an expert level without a lot of effort. She’s smart and extremely creative and in Jennie, she has a great subject.

Here are some of the photos.

More natural element: she adores her German Shepherds.

I like the floral dress (and the Mustang convertible).

There’s even a Jeep in her garage.

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