Happy Birthday, Oz

Seven years ago today Oz entered our universe as a little boy with a slim chance of making it.

He had trouble with his lungs and the prognosis was pretty grim. But Oz has good parents–Kara and Evan–who refused to let him go.

They cared and worked and attended for several years and Oz finally blossomed–a little late, but a big, loud, robust bloom who today plays like the Front Four with a pole vaulter and a monster truck thrown in. He is a voracious reader, game player and athlete of some ability.

And he’s a good little boy, one who makes his Pampa proud.

Oz’s sister, Madeline, gets her first look at her little brother.

Seven years ago today.

Waiting for the school bus last week.

Oz and me a few weeks ago when he was in Roanoke.

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