Jenniffer: The Image of Her Mother

I have often said that my first wife, Eva, was perhaps the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Amend that. The most beautiful human I’ve ever seen. Her daughter–and my daughter–Jenniffer, is her equal, I am certain, with absolutely no credit to me.

Jennie looks like Eva with the perfect skin, the Germanic features (Eva is from the Black Forest) and many things that–in my eyes–create beauty in woman. She’s 51 now and the beauty has not only failed to face, but may be as good as ever.

(Let me emphasize that my Margie is gorgeous and this has nothing to do with that.)

The photo above was taken yesterday in North Georgia and my friend (and Jennie’s) Jeri Layne of Vinton did a little work on it.

Jennie’s mom, Eva, and me. I was 20, she 19.

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