Fleet Feet Is Spelled S*E*R*V*I*C*E

Fleet Feet crew: they made a believer out of me.

I don’t normally go around raving about a retail store where I’ve just bought a pair of shoe laces, but I will make an exception for Fleet Feet on U.S. 220 South in Roanoke (in front of Lowe’s).

Margie wanted to go there today to get her some new tennis shoes for work (she’s a geriatric nurse and shoes get worn out fast). Fleet Feet had a good rating online, so she asked if I would take her.

I discovered immediately–even though I was not shopping for anything–just what service is when one of the young sales professionals (and she damn well was a professional in the best sense of the word) came over and gave me a short course in socks (I was standing near the socks). She knew I wasn’t shopping, but she gave her time as if I were buying a whole wall of shoes. She finished without pressuring and left me to browse. Very pleasant chat, I thought.

Then I found a set of shoe laces–the kind that doesn’t tie, but you simply secure by sliding a plastic do-hickey–and nearly flipped. I love those babies and had not found them commercially before.

A small, bright sales person (whose name I did not get; sorry) came over and gave me the ins and outs of the laces and offered to put them on my shoes (not an easy feat for my shoeless feet) after I said I wanted them. She was the very definition of customer service and while I was in the process of getting my new laces, a young woman who used to coach my grandgirl in swimming at Hunting Hills, Kylie Patrick, came over and joined the conversation, remembering Madeline well. It was all simply delightful.

Fleet Feet’s shoes are expensive (so are its shoe laces), but the service, the fit, the comfort and the overall experience were simply marvelous for both Margie and me. I mentioned to Margie on our way out that the training of these young people is exceptional and for that, I will give credit to the owners, Blaine and Robin Lewis.

Need some shoes or accessories? Support these lovely people. You’ll truly enjoy your experience.

(Let me mention that I am recommending Fleet Feet because I believe it is an exceptional store, not because anybody is paying anybody. No money has passed hands and payment has not been discussed, nor will it be. I just genuinely like these guys.)

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