AMAC: The Anti-AARP Is Your Enemy

I’ve been getting mailings from a group called the Association of Mature American Citizens, which is a rabidly pro-Trump, anti-Social Security/Medicare group that wants to take you down if you’re anywhere near my age.

It calls itself “conservative,” but it is just about as conservative as Trump, who is hardly that (he isn’t anything philosophically). It would align itself with people like Paul Ryan, who wants to eliminate “entitlements” (which are not that), money many of us depend upon, that we paid into our retirement accounts and that Ronald Reagan tried to spend for general fund commitments. He didn’t want to raise taxes, so he stole Social Security, nearly bankrupting it.

Now, AMAC wants to organize the Trumpsters to trample old people in their retirement years. It is obviously led by people who hate democrats more than they love America. Truth be told, the AARP is a conservative organization and always has been, but this group of nut jobs in Washington at this moment simply want to destroy and old people are an easy target. Let’s see what we can do about sending them to hell, where they belong.

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