Scaring the Knee-Biters on ‘Ween

Cruella Demargie.

OK, so the time is nigh and Halloween knee-biters are only a few steps from my door–where I will scare the ever-lovin’ shit out of them. I just love it when the four-year-olds jump off the front porch, screaming, into the arms of their PO’d mothers. Hey, it’s Halloween.

Margie came by a while ago wearing her famous Cruella Deville costume (her workplace was a Disney studio today with all the characters). I am dressed as something of a Dracula/bad dude hybrid that I threw together. I went through a bunch of stuff, including my trusty Whoopie Cushion costume, but my pal wouldn’t let me wear it to a party Saturday, saying it probably wouldn’t be met with smiles by mothers of the kiddies.

Me. I was going to do Donald Trump, but I thought that too scary for young children.

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