Pull Trump Coverage Where Unnecessary

Trump tries to shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta.

In just three days, following our nation’s election, the Trump Administration has fired its Attorney General Jeff Sessions (which would normally be a cause for celebration), appointed an ass kissing, neo-Nazi fill-in without Senate approval (which is probably illegal) and revoked a major news organization’s reporter’s White House press credentials for asking hard questions.

Sessions, of course, should never have been AG in the first place, but his replacement  is a hack whose primary appeal to Trump is that he believes Trump can’t be prosecuted or even questioned.

The removal of Jim Acosta of CNN may be at least as problematic as the AG mess because many White Reporters will likely be intimidated by the revocation. Like most reporters, WH correspondents live on the basis of contacts and many would certainly fear losing credentials and contacts–and therefore their jobs.

The major news outlets could easily respond by pulling their White House correspondents and rejecting the White House conferences in the press room (rare though they are) because they offer nothing of any value, except to show just how warped this White House is. But we already know that.

It would also be of great benefit, I think, to avoid Trump’s campaign events. There’s no news at any of them. We know exactly what he will say, exactly whom he will attack. He carries his speech from stop to stop. Why cover them? Use the reporters to cover the freakin’ news.

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