A Peaceful Post-Thanksgiving Hike to North Mt.

This shot has “McAfee’s Knob” written all over it, but it’s North Mountain.

Me shooting, Eileen posing.

My new hiking bud Eileen Rowan and I trooped up to North Mountain in Rockbridge County yesterday, not quite knowing what to expect with the weather and the usually spectacular views. We got an eyeful, though not an earful, which Eileen, a birder, would have liked.

We didn’t hear a single bird on the entire trip. And, though I saw a small bird, Eileen didn’t see any. Still, the trip was a North Mountain treat with views on each side of the ridge line of a gorgeous valley and spectacular mountains.

Here’s some of the serenity that’s yours for the hiking.

My favorite hiking position.

The valley still holds some color.

Eileen soaks up the view.

Here’s a great hiking hat

Much of the day was misty below.


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