So, How Much Better Is $7 Pepper?

My $1 pepper (left) and the Co-Op’s $7 pepper in the bag. Same–exactly–amount.

The Roanoke Valley Co-Op in Grandin Village is a nice asset for the city, but as I’ve always said, it is far to expensive for me. I proved that again today.

I met a couple of people at the Co-Op for magazine story interview a little while ago and since I was in a grocery store anyway, I thought I’d save myself a stop at Kroger on the way home by buying some pepper. The young fellow pointing me to the two kinds of pepper first led me to a pre-packaged shelf where pepper was a little over $7 for a tiny jar.

I gasped and he said, “Well, we can get it in the bulk section; should save a little money.” Scooped up just exactly the right of pepper to fill my 2.5 ounce container at home (I’m pretty good at guessing how much of something I need) and went to checkout. It cost a little over $7. For pepper.

When I got home, I filled my empty 2.5 ounce pepper shaker (exactly fit) that cost $1 with the $7 pepper and sprinkled some on soup. It tasted just like the cheap stuff.

My point is made.

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