A Little Different Clutter in the Creeks

Near the railroad overpass, lots of plastic bottles and bags about 50 feet from the Roanoke River.

The last few times I’ve walked or kayaked the confluence of Wolf and Tinker Creeks near Vinton, the big problem was a logjam of trees, brush and various natural piles of brush. Today, the creeks, which empty into the Roanoke River near their confluence, was clear of nature’s mess, but more than made up for it with people’s plastic bags.

I’m one of those strongly in support of banning plastic bags because they often end up in our streams and rivers, looking awful, killing fish and wildlife and living for nearly 100 years.

My guess is that one of the local governments (not sure which one’s in charge here) cleaned up the brush, but whoever did was thorough. Here’s what the creeks looked like just a little while ago today.

Bags hung in trees.
This section of the river is often clogged with brush, branches and trees, but today it was littered with white plastic bags.
Fishermen tend to leave signs they were there.
Some jerk just threw this bag down in a pond beside the greenway.
This was the only floating debris I found. Imagine it 10X and that’s what’s usually here.

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