An Unreal Winter Soup for a Snowy Day

Here’s the final product–Mother Smith’s World Famous Winter Soup.

Getting the veggies ready.

This one had an inspiration. I joined my friend Bill Elliot at Local Roots (owned by Bill’s wife, Diane) last week and ordered a fascinating-sounding potato-cabbage soup. It was scrumptious with a tiny hint of hot.

So, I thought I’d add a little variety and make my own. Today offered the perfect opportunity with the ground covered in snow and a layer of ice.

Here’s what I needed to get started:

  • Simmering in the ham broth.

    1.5 quarts of ham broth (you can use chicken broth, but you won’t get the richness)

  • Half a head of cabbage
  • Half a medium sweet onion
  • Four medium-sized potatoes (peeled, but keep the peels. They make great French fries)
  • Eight ounces of fresh Brussels sprouts
  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh rosemary (as a garnish; I picked mine, ice covered, from my back yard plant)

Into the blender to puree.

Bring the broth to a boil and turn the heat to medium. Dice all the veggies and put them in the broth. Sprinkle in the spices. Simmer covered tightly for about an hour until the veggies are mushy.

Remove the vegetables from the broth (I poured the broth through a strainer), put them into a blender to puree them. Pour the puree back into the broth and simmer for another 20 minutes.

That’s the whole deal. Simple and easy. And wonderfully tasty.

Hint: Before eating the soup, drink a nice slug of Bean-o. This is gas personified.

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