Faces from the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference

Love this shot of my buddy Ran Henry, a teacher and author.

Writer Betsy Ashton has one of those faces.

One of my favorite activities at the annual Roanoke Regional Writers Conference at Hollins University is shooting portraits of the students and teachers as they lean into learning their craft.

We held the conference Friday and Saturday and there was plenty to work with. Here is some of what I saw.

Elisa Palumbo was one of our younger writers.


My friend Bill Kovarik and I taught a class together.

Dan Crawford and Mary Bishop make a great pair.

Writer/teacher Ed Falco and his daughter Susan enjoyed each other.

Roland Hatcher has my grandgirl’s haircut.

You gotta love the patch.


Heidi Schmidt has a smile like an airplane landing light.


Jim Crawford–like his brother Dan above–has a great face.

This young woman was all concentration.

Hall of Fame reporter Margaret Edds.

Neva Bryan teaching her class.

My friend Rachael Garrity has a great face.

One of the easiest people around to photograph is Rod Belcher.

Susan Geary in black and white.

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