Good Art, Good Company at WVTF

Miki Overcast-Kallan and Anna Wentworth in front of their works.

Anna’s Italy presentation.

You can pretty tell it’s mid-February when a packed house shows up for an art show on a gloomy winter’s night and celebrates like it’s July 4.

That’s what it was last night at WVTF Public Radio’s opening for Anna Wentworth and Miki Overcast-Kallan last night.

I didn’t know Miki before last night, but found her to be a delight whose artwork reflects that huge smile. I’ve known Anna since Jesus’ bar mitzvah, but I haven’t known her artwork to be as good as it has become.

Anna’s landscapes from Italy–and elsewhere–are simply lovely and I’ve always appreciated her presentation (often in panels). Anna has always been one who’s appreciated international travel (often with her sister) and she comes home with treasures–her paintings–she didn’t have to buy.

The show will be up for a while if you want to see it on the walls at WVTF. But you probably won’t get the food, wine and conversation that was available last night.

And Terry Aldhizer likely won’t be there to shoot your photo. Nor will I.

Packed in tight at the art opening. (No boys in sight.)

Miki Overcast-Kallan and her interrogation lamp smile.

Anna Wentworth: Venice in two panels.

WVTF General Manager Roger Fowler and his wife Stefanie chat.

The Lady in Pink is entertained by Terry Aldhizer photographing Miki.

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