How Wet Is It? This Wet

Carvins Creek out of its banks at Hollins.

The walkway to Dana Science building.

On days like today–and most of this week–it’s difficult to find a place outside that’s dry enough for a walk of an hour or two, but I gave it a shot at Hollins University’s loop a little while ago anyway.

What I found was a lot of water, though not on the roadway surrounding the campus. Carvins Creek was far above its banks and just about every grassy area was ankle-deep soggy. Water stood on walkways and anywhere else where there was a recession.

The creek nearly hit the two bridges it passes. I’ve been to Hollins many times over the years and never saw that before. Here are some photos of what it looked like around noon today.

The foot bridge over tinker had yellow tape just in case the water overwhelmed it.

This is more of an optical illusion than a true photo of a tree. The foliage is mostly a vine.

Daffodils are breaking through the wet ground even as snow hangs around.

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