Winter Weekend in D.C. a Treat

Margie and me atop the Newseum with Congress behind us.
Me looking at Pulitzer-winning photos.

It was one of those late winter weekends when staying in would have meant allowing everything that is bad about the season to win, so Margie and I packed up and headed to D.C. There’s really no bad time to visit our capital because what we want to see is always there, always featured and usually fascinating.

Margie at the Hirshorn Museum’s dry fountain.

I didn’t know it until we got there, but the Newseum (the museum of the news media, of which I am a proud member) is featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning photography and it is quite a spectacular display. The Newseum, ifself, is worth the effort and the cost ($25 a head except for the young and old) because it reminds us in WAR TYPE just how important our First Amendment is and that the Trump Administration has declared all-out war on it and on us.

We were met with seasonal snow and rain all the way up to D.C. and all the way back, but it didn’t matter. What we wanted to see and do–get away, eat well, stretch out, see stuff-was all indoors.

Here’s a brief look at what we took in.

A long line of food trucks on the mall were ready with all kinds of goodies.
I wanted to ride the carousel. Margie wouldn’t let me. Said I’d break it.
Homeless couple naps at an air vent in the park, where it was warm.
Out with the little one for a bike ride.
Studying inside the Smithsonian Institute’s castle, where there isn’t much else of interest.
Inside the Newseum, where a movie was being shown of the winners, while the photos hung on the wall outside.
Margie found a robot that provided her some soft ice cream and she loved it.
This piece of one of the Twin Towers drew a crowd in the Newseum.
Margie heading into the bowels of the Metro. I love the Metro, but learning how to use its ticket machines is a real challenge.
My best shot of the Capital. Wish I could do some shooting inside.
Margie and me at the White House. The current occupant was not home.
The salmon with lemon cream sauce–and “seasonal veggies,” usually mundane–were spectacular.
High-water pants seem to be the new fashion with Congressional pages.
The Newseum is homely outside, lovely inside.
Margie adds a little class to the Capital.

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