Don’t Piss Off Formable Grabber!

These Gauntlett competitors get a financial boost from the Advancement Foundation’s competition.

My friend Annette Patterson is at it again–for the fifth year in a row. Annette, whose goal in life is to help every living soul on the planet at least once–has just finished her Gauntlet competition, which gave a bunch of money to small business people with good ideas.

Formable Grabber, a Covington company that invented a “grab” tool for auto mechanics, won the recent Fifth Annual Gauntlet Business Competition in a beginning field of 122 entrepreneurs and 84 businesses.

The Formable Grabber company literature says, “We’ve re-invented the idea of a mechanic’s grabber, fixing everything that pissed us off about the ones on the current market.”

The competition, which represented the Roanoke Valley and Alleghany Highlands is sponsored by the Advancement Foundation, based in Vinton and run by (founded by, as well) Annette. The foundation presented substantial cash amounts to its top 12 finishers, including $21,095 for Formable Grabber.

The entries in the competition participated in 10 weeks of training and then 50 of them proceed to the business competition portion. All 50 businesses won prize packages based on their needs for their startups or expansions to further advance their business goals and strategies.

The top 12 companies are:

12th Place-Valley Cryotherapy, Roanoke County, $4,575.00

11th Place (tie)-The Foundry, Roanoke City, $9,380.00

11th Place (tie)-The Harvest Collective, Roanoke City, $9,245.00

10th Place- Born Again Custom Woodworks, Alleghany Highlands, $6,399.00

9th Place- Keely Massie Photography, Alleghany Highlands, $6,595.00

8th Place (tie)- Advanced Racking, Botetourt County, $9,745.00

8th Place (tie)- Downshift Outfitters. Roanoke City, $7,245.00

7th Place- Accelerated Academics, Roanoke County, $10,145.00

6th Place- Honeycomb Grove, Alleghany Highlands, $14,045.00

5th Place- Quest Knight Enterprises, Alleghany Highlands, $7,845.00

4th Place- Why Knot Boat With Us, Roanoke County, $11,929.00

3rd Place- Easy Workings, Alleghany Highlands, $17,345.00

2nd Place (tie)- IVO Limited, Alleghany Highlands. $18,845.00

2nd Place (tie)- Roanoke Neuromuscular, Roanoke County, $18,185.00

1st Place- Formable Grabber, Alleghany Highlands, $21,095.00

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