And a Baseball Game Was Played, Too

The crowd was big, colorful and enthusiastic in Lynchburg.
The Hillcats’ uniforms (modeled here by a couple of employees, were delightful.

My grandgirl Madeline, friend Susan and I went over to Lynchburg last night for a 4th of July baseball game/celebration and despite thunderstorms swirling around the area, wound up having a bang-up time.

The Lynchburg Hillcats of the Carolina League dolled themselves up in red-white-blue uniforms that featured a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Lynchburg always has great uniforms (except when they wear those god-awful military camos), but these were more than appropriate for the occasion and fit in with the crowd’s jubilant mood and color scheme. The team itself lost 6-0, but nobody seemed to notice. They were all impatiently awaiting the brief fireworks show that followed the game, which started late (with a rain delay) and ended later.

Fireworks followed.

It’s a good little park, though, less than half the size of the Salem Red Sox park where we usually go. Salem’s game was rained out, but it was scheduled at 3 p.m., hardly an inviting time on July 4.

Here is some of what we saw in Lynchburg.

Plenty of autographs were given out.
This young guy was more enthusiastic than he seemed.
This little sweetie was celebrating her second birthday.
Musical chairs got rowdy.
The field was decked out for the 4th.

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