A Brief Visit to Lake Lure, Chimney Rock

The view from just above the rock of Lake Lure and the entire valley.

You can see the rock from a lot of angles.

Margie and I trouped down to Lake Lure and Chimney Rock from our little excursion to Asheville Saturday and found a Gatlinburg-style village with so many people it was hard to turn around without cramming an elbow into a rib. But it is a beautiful little town and Lake Lure is all I remember (except for the crowds): beautiful beaches, plenty of boats and a lot to do on a summer afternoon.

Our trip up Chimney Rock was my first (though I am a native of Asheville and had been down that way plenty of times). We took an adventurous bus trip up and back down the winding road (where the Chimney Rock Hill Climb is/was held) and it was a comic nail-biter. The nice driver assured us he hadn’t had a serious wreck in a week or two after telling us it was his first day on the job (“Just kidding, hahahahaha!”).

I like Chimney Rock, but I’d like to visit when I can get up there without having to move people out of the way. Gorgeous view, as you can see.

Margie enjoyed the balcony above the rock after climbing up.

Two old people on an adventure.

Lake Lure goes on for a bit.

This is the final climb to the top of the rock.

Lake Lure is a charming village.

The crowds had just begun to gather when I shot this. It got worse.

Loud (obnoxiously so) Harleys were all over the place and were often welcome.

Harleys are noisy and annoying as hell, but they make good pictures.

I found a kayak I wouldn’t want to paddle.

Who could forget?

Your choice: Cheerwine, RC, Nehi orange. I’ll do the Cheerwine.

Margie found a checkerboard, the game for old men … 

… and I found a roadster (like the one my dad had when he was courting Mom).

The beach at Lake Lure is beautiful.

Mom and the little dudes on the lake.

This guy gave us our hairy ride.

Margie and I had fun on the bus.

A final view for you and, yes, it’s phallic as hell.

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