Entertaining the Troops at Warm Hearth

Annie and the crew (Margie on the left as Mrs. Hannigan).

Margie turning the bottle up as Mrs. Hannigan.

Every year at Halloween, my Margie and her crew of nurses at Warm Hearth Village in Blacksburg put on the dog at Halloween, finding a theatrical showpiece and becoming the characters. This year, the show was Annie and Margie went far against type, portraying the tippling lush and orphanage head Mrs. Hannigan.

The old residents take great delight in the charade and Margie’s crew really does it up right. Here are some photos (some of them in very low resolution, I’m afraid) from the festivities.

I will note that Margie’s daughter, Meghann Garmany, a highly thought of actor in New York, has nothing on her mom.

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