New Year’s on the Hinchee Trail

Susan and me at the head of the trail.

Today Susan and I experienced the Hinchee Trail in Salem’s Hanging Rock area for the first time and it was a good exercise (so to speak) in exercise. And it was a good way to begin 2020.

Susan points the way.

The hike we took is about .5 miles and it’s a nice uphill fire road that’s more than 50 years old.

I was under the impression that the new trail followed the creek on Catawba Road, but it climbs up the side of the mountain beside the creek and angles away from it.

There are few panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Roanoke and Salem, even in the dead of winter, but this hike is more a cardio workout than an aesthetic bonanza.

This spring house appeared to be fully functional and is right beside the trail.

It was a good way to begin the new year, though, because it sets my cap for getting plenty of exercise and even eating the right foods (we stopped at K&W on the way back and had healthy lunches). We both felt blessed not only to be able to hike in our beautiful mountains, but to have new places to explore.

Some dear soul left us a pot and some bottles. Thanks, boys and girls.

This was as close as we got to having a view.

Lots of rocks along the way, limestone, I think.

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