Another Drive and More News

The parking lot at Happy’s flea market is being torn up. Next? I don’t know. Do you?

The cherry tree in my back yard is always gorgeous.

It is interesting how much information one can accumulate with a simple drive around the city with a walking destination in mind.

This morning it was Hollins University, which has a wonderful circular road around the campus with hills, valleys, lots of flowers and a spectacular view of Tinker Mountain.

I found out during the walk that Hollins is building three more dorms atop the hill near the president’s house to go with the four it recently finished. There are two more planned, one of the workers told me. This area was quite a blight in the past with cheap faculty housing that bordered on being a campus slum. It will be quite lovely when finished.

Cherry buds backed by spectacular forsythia out back of the Smith ranch.

On the way home, I drove by the old Happy’s flea market, one of my favorite haunts on weekend mornings for years. It was closed a couple of years ago and has been sitting, rotting since. Today I saw a contractor tearing up the parking lot and will assume the building is going down next. I have no idea what’s going up in that spot, but it’s a good commercial lot and it’s huge.

There’s also a lot of beauty out there on the second day of spring and the flowers (below, mostly in my back yard) prove that.

Three more dorms are going up on the hill at Hollins. Four are at the left.

This is my gorgeous Japanese cherry tree (which is strictly ornamental).

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