A Good Week with the Grands

I really like this shot of my son, Evan, and me playing “Big” on the floor piano.

Oz found this fishing lure at the lake behind the family home.

It’s been nearly a week since I got home from my visit with my son’s family in Waco, Texas, and it is difficult to digest all that has happened in the mean time. I escaped Waco on a plane last Saturday, just ahead of the sweep of the Coronavirus, hitting dang near everywhere, including the Roanoke Valley.

I’m probably going to have to savor the visit for quite some time, it appears. My son and I were planning on attending a Baylor football game next fall, but I don’t expect that to happen now for a bunch of reasons, including the potential postponement of the football season next fall.

We ate a lot of good food (Maddie eating here) and I lost six pounds.

But, as we always do, we made some memories and when I got home, I put a lot of them into a photo book that will serve as a Christmas present in December. I can mail that. I can’t mail me.

Here’s some of what it looked like last week. I’m mostly posting for posterity since these photos have already appeared on my Facebook page.

This old boy tried to get in my head.

Oz going snake hunting in the back yard.

Oz and I skipped rocks on Waco Lake.

One of several very good restaurants where we ate in Waco.

Oz had a meltdown, but Dad was there to help.

Pampa stuffs Oz into the Raptor’s mouth.

Raptors need a little love, too.

Kara at the Magnolia Silos in Waco (owned by the people who rehab houses on TV).

The Smith family at Magnolia-ville.

Ev is the barbecue king.

Evan and Kara doing their phone stuff.

Brother and sister at a calm moment.

I like this picture of my green-haired best girl on the eve of her 15th birthday.

I got some good shots of my favorite person.

Oz does his impression of an owl.

Oz and I have a chat.

Maddie, the buffalo and I at a museum. (Read my T-shirt.)

Maddie, Oz and Evan at a museum (forget which one).

Maddie and Kara play the waiting game.

Maddie in her room.

Oz found out what this building is for.

Oz, Kara and Ev get a break from museuming.

No bull! It’s oz.

Evan gives Oz a boost.

Maddie Rainbow Eyes.

Me as … well … whatever.

Food boys at the taco restaurant.

Maddie’s birthday shoes. She had quite a haul because she has so many grandparents.

Maddie pretends. Interesting look.

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