Need Streaming TV Suggestions? Here Goes

Marta Dusseldorp is in three of my faves: A Place to Call Home, Janet King and Crownies.

My friend Getra Hanes asked for some television suggestions to help get through this self-imposed lockdown we’re enjoying these days and here’s what I came up with:

The best of the best is in the first group; “must-sees” in the second; and very good stuff in the third. I know this is a lot, but we’re in for a long siege.
Key: AP-Amazon Prime
MHz-MHz (Foreign movies and TV series)
A-Acorn (British series TV; great stuff)
G-Google for the network
A French Village (AP, MHz)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (AP)
Deadwood (AP) (Often called “the best series ever on TV”)
A Place to Call Home (AP, A)
Crownies (A)
Janet King (A)
Fleabag (AP)
To Catch a Thief (AP) (Yes, that one!)
Anne with an E (N)
Spring Tide (MHz)
Bosch (N)
Alias Grace (N)
Peaky Blinders (N) (Caution: very violent)
Jessica Jones (N)
The Crown (N)
Godless (N)
Good Girls Revolt (N, AP)
The Last Post (AP)
1922 (N)
Suits (N)
Mindhunter (AP)
Stranger Things (AP)
Manhunt: Unibomber (G)
The Keepers (G)
The New Nurses (MHz)
The Art of Crime (MHz)
Arne Dahl (MHz)
Irene Huss (MHz)
The Heavy Water War (MHz)
Mission Impossible: Fallout (AP)
Serenity (AP)
Lady Bird (AP)
Brittany Runs a Marathon (AP)
The Birdcage (AP)
Jack Ryan (AP)
The Night Manager (AP)
There is a lot–and I mean a LOT–that’s not on here, but as I’ve said before, this is the Golden Age of Television.

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