DIY Home Workout (It’s Easy, Cheap)

That’s me working on my shoulders.

I’ve been missing my daily workouts at the gym since mine closed (and yours, too, no doubt), but a few minutes ago I had a brainstorm, initiated by an internet ad, of all things.

This is an upper body workout that requires a stretchy band of the type gyms use and something to attach it to the top of the door. I used a lanyard, tied to the center of the band and with the bulk of the lanyard inserted at the top of the door.

When the door is closed on the lanyard on the backside, it provides a stable connection and you can lift the “weights.”

This is an easy/cheap answer to lifting weights. You can buy the band at just about any big-box retailer or sports equipment store for probably $5 or less (I have a whole bag of them, coming in different strengths). Then you gotta do the work (and not just write about it, I told myself).

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