The Redheads Take Roaring Run

My pals Lindsay and Trinity.

My two favorite redheads–Lindsay McKinnon and her daughter, Trinity–decided to get rid of the shut-in blues today and drive up to Roaring Run in Botetourt County for a little hike and a hearty lunch.

I put together a lunch of bbq, potato salad, coleslaw, and deviled eggs, which was popular.

Lindsay is a former nationally-ranked gymnast who is in superb physical condition and strong as a Sherpa guide, but I was still taken aback when she put on the big, stuffed backpack (including Trinity) like it weighed about as much as a wallet. The trail at Roaring Run can be wet and slippery and has a few long, high steps on the way up, but my worry about Lindsay was totally wasted. She was like a high wire walker, tiptoeing through the tulips.

Trinity loved her ride.

And, of course, Trinity, whose constant smile and good cheer would make an old codger’s heart melt, was loving every step and babbling in a baby language she was in the process of inventing.

I’m not around tiny kids much any more so this was a special treat, though not being able to touch Trinity was especially difficult–especially since she’s a dare-devil who wants to climb everything. We all maintained our safe distances.

A lovelier day in the midst of an epidemic, I could not have imagined. Here are some photos of our trek on a golden spring day.

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