Getting Out on a Pretty Mother’s Day

The brisk wind made flying kites fruitful.

The parks and greenways in Roanoke are a little ways away from re-opening, but they’ve been going strong in Salme for a while now. I went over to Green Hill ParkĀ  for a walk and some observing today and found pretty much what I expected to find: families celebrating Mother’s Day, getting close, but staying away from people outside their small groups. I wore a mask, but only saw one other person with a mask and he had it snugly around his neck, not his face.

I did unexpectedly run into a couple of old friends, Meg Hibbert and her daughter Meredith, but we couldn’t hug, which stressed me. Hugging is what I do. Damn virus.

Here’s some of what it looked like.

My friends Meg Hibbert and daughter, Meredith with their pup who was left in the dryer too long.
Mom, Dad and the kids at the water’s edge.
Picnic on the ground.
The shade was nice, even though the day was cool.
Chatting on the fence.
Serving the celebratory meal.
Serving a snack to the little one.
Playground is eerily empty.
Island in the stream (that is what we are …)
Art at the bottom of the Roanoke River.
Art on top of the Roanoke River.
No, this is not Halloween.
These guys were doing a little dog training.

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