A First-Time Walk Through Garden City

Garden City Greenway views are pretty much like this.
The old American Viscose Plant (Roanoke Industrial Park now) is visible from the trail.

The Garden City section of Roanoke is just far enough out of the way that many of us almost never go there and when we do, we’re simply driving through, paying little attention. I walked its greenway–little more than a wide sidewalk through the neighborhood–today and came away with an entirely different image of the little community.

The first thing to know is that Garden City is bracketed by Roanoke Mountain and Mill Mountain, one at each end.

The “greenway” is hardly that, but it doesn’t matter. It is a leisurely walk-through giving the walker an opportunity to take a close look at what I came away liking: a blue collar neighborhood with neat, manicured homes, enough local businesses to make GC convenient, and a real clarity of who they are. I like it.

Here’s a little bit of Garden City through the lens of a visitor.

The trail is briefly woodsy, but only briefly.
The “greenway” is at least plenty wide.
Some houses–like this one–captured my fancy.
Just guessing here, but the big tree on the front lawn fell a long time ago and has served as a sculpture since.
I got the distinct impression a witch lives here. Plenty of signs and a magazine on the front porch titled “Good Witch.” Could be a fun neighbor.

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