Finally: Back on the Water, a Photo Essay

Motorized fishing boat roars by a sailboat at Carvins Cove earlier today.
This sailor didn’t seem to have a lot of energy.

The chill more than the virus has kept me and my boats off the lakes and rivers of Western Virginia this spring, but not this weekend. I was out yesterday and today, paddling to beat the cabin fever.

I wasn’t the only one with the idea today at Carvins Cove where the crowd was building quickly by late morning (I went early) and yesterday my friend Susan and I had Tinker Creek emptying into the Roanoke River pretty much to ourselves.

Today I saw a lot of floating craft, mostly people fishing from various boats, but there was one sailboat, sailed by a guy who looked thoroughly hung over, but also pretty relaxed.

Here’s what it looked like.

Susan on the Roanoke River.
Pampa the paddle boy.
I rescued this ball from Tinker Creek. Made a good hat.
These turtles were taking a long-awaited sun bath.
Lots of pollen in the river.
Sunset on the Roanoke River.
I stopped for a breather (and a pee) on the Carvins Cove island.
These women used paddleboards to get around the cove. They have my admiration.





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