How Lazy Is Lazy?

Robert and his string of rainbow trout from the Roanoke River today.

Sometimes the failings of the human species simply astonishes me. I ran into my new buddy Robert this morning as he finished running up his daily limit total and abandoned his fishing hole in the Roanoke River. Robert, a supervisor at Yokohama Tire in Salem, was fishing at Smith Park on Wiley Drive about a quarter to half a mile from where he parked. Parking lots along the greenway are closed right now.

He explained his catch. “I’ve talked to some guys I know who won’t fish here because they say they have to walk too far,” he said, grinning. “These fish were stocked here two weeks ago, but not many people were willing to walk to catch them.”


Robert’s been off work for eight weeks because of the virus and has been collecting unemployment and fishing. In this case, the early fisherman got the worm. (OK, yes, that was strained.)

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