Mama’s Girl Conquers the Playground

After scrambling on the playground set, Trinity gets a high five (low five for Lindsay).
Yes, the hair is RED!

Just spent a little playtime with my buddy, Trinity, and her mama, who is also my buddy.

Trin, like her mom, is growing into quite the athlete. Lindsay was a national-class gymnast when she was a teenager and I suspect Triny will be whatever the hell she wants to be.

You should have seen her clamoring the equipment at the playground. She’s like a spider. A red-headed spider with a great face.

Oh, and Trin calls me “Pampa.”

How the hell do you spell “precocious”?
Two beauties: Like mama, like daughter.
“Piece of cake, Mom!”


“I know, Mom, but I want to go this way. It’s harder.”

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