A Day on the Water at the Roanoke River

The kid in the center didn’t want to go off the Wasena Bridge backwards, so we accommodated him.
Here’s the solo dive off the bridge.

It’s the middle of the work-week, so I didn’t expect a lot of activity along the Roanoke River today. Boy! Did I get a surprise. The river in Wasena Park was a beehive of swimmers, tubers, divers, fisherpeople (I apologize for that, but I don’t know what else to call them), hikers, bikers, basketball players … and on and on.

It was fun to watch and more fun to take part, especially when three young teen-aged boys decided they’d show off for my camera. Cool kids taking a cooler dip.

Family floating under the low-water bridge on Wiley Drive.
The “beach” at Vic Thomas Bridge looked inviting.
Tubers hit the riffles in the Roanoke River.
This group of 20-somethings is heading back to the Thomas Bridge for another run down the river.

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