Back to the Woods for Smileyboy

Smileyboy is at (temporary) home on this uprooted tree today. Somebody may move him along the trail later.

About a month or so ago, I ran across a little plastic yellow man with a smiley face sitting on a small bridge on the hiking trail at Tinker Mountain. My hiking buddy and I noted the little guy, took a couple of photos of us with him and left him where we found him.

This is where I left my buddy (on the right).

A couple of weeks later, I ran into him again, this time in a tree stump at one of the 34 or so trails at Carvins Cove. I was by myself and thought, “Heck, I’ll take Mr. Smiley along for the ride.” And I did. I re-named him “Smileyboy” and he’s been my companion while hiking since.

This morning, I got a note from one of my old pals who reminded me that Smileyboy was a trail fixture and that I should not have appropriated him for my own entertainment. I thought, “Well, he’s right. Smileyboy belongs to us all.”

So I set about correcting the error and now his yellowness is back on the Carvins Cove trail, awaiting other hikers’ interest.

I enjoyed our hikes, Smileyboy.

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