A Dry Walk on the Greenway

My hiking buddy Susan takes a photo of one of the swimming holes along Wolf Creek.
This bog old boy didn’t make it through the flood. Don’t know if he drowned or died of old age.

Finally found a dry pathway along the Roanoke Valley greenway system. This one is on the east end of Vinton at Goode Park and runs probably a mile and a half.

It is an attractive, calming little walk with a creek, a farm (with a number of animals the kids can pet), a mini-waterfall, a couple of swimming holes and, yesterday, a large dead turtle.

Not exactly an adventure of the first magnitude, but at a time when there are few choices, a decent alternative.

This farm is a real highlight for the kids when the animals are out. They are friendly and enjoy being petted.
Susan shot this weed flower and I can’t ID it.
The little waterfall just under the bridge is a great place for a photo.
Here’s the waterfall with some additional light patterns.
Susan was intent on getting a photo of me in the shadows.
Wolf Creek Trail is tree-lined, smooth, and calming.


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