There’s No Age Limit To Swim at Roaring Run

Pointing Gramps toward the best sliding spot.
Grandpa slides across the top of the sliding rock.
And, he’s on his way! He got a standing ovation.
Climbing back up for another slide.
Watching sliders slide.

Roaring Run has a lovely waterfall at it’s cap point, but on the way to that payoff, there is plenty of entertainment available, especially during the summer.

Much of that was on display yesterday as families (and a large group of pudgy, aging Harley riders) took advantage of nature’s recreational opportunities. Roaring Run, a lovely trout stream when it’s not a swimming hole, has several natural water slides for the beginner, intermediate and advanced (or crazy) sliders. Big slick rocks feature water roaring into a pool at the bottom and kids simply can’t resist. Yesterday, a grandfather couldn’t resist either and I was on hand with my camera to record it. And yes, I’ve slid down the waterslides before.

Here is some of the Roaring Run action.

A beautiful stretch of whitewater.
That’s me with the big sliding rock behind.
It’s extremely difficult to get a bad photo at Roaring Run.
This is your basic Roaring Run Falls photo.
And here’s another, emphasizing the color.
Probably don’t want to kayak this.
This fetching young woman was in a bikini with a backpack at the sliding rock.
You can be a girly-girl and still swim in Roaring Run.

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