A New Sculpture from Polly Branch

Polly poses with her raccoon at Vic Thomas Park’s sculpture garden.

I ran into my old buddy Polly Branch today as she was putting up her new sculpture near the Roanoke River bridge at the sculpture garden in Vic Thomas Park. That’s Rigsby the Raccoon.

It is a raccoon stepping across river rocks (which were made by John Tanner of English and Everything Gardens from concrete), and it is sponsored by the Clean Valley Council. This is one the kids will stop for and, my guess, talk to. It is truly cool, coming from one of Roanoke’s coolest people and composed of recycled tires.

Polly is an artist from a family of superb artists, an environmentalist, a peace activist (note her “Plowshare Peace Center T-shirt), and a supporter of all the right causes. Sitting with her raccoon, she’s right fetching, I will say.

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