A Media Moment at Stiles Falls

This is the sheer joy Susan felt under Stiles Falls.
Red undies didn’t make the water any warmer.

As we were unloading our hiking gear from the cars yesterday at Camp Alta Mons near Shawsville, my pal Susan said, “I’m going in.”

This is Susan’s watercolor photo of the creek.

That meant she was going to swim under Stiles Falls when we reached the top of our hike. “Me, too,” I said quickly, taking mental note that I’d have to get into the water in my undies, which were red.

And we did.

Susan called this barefoot mother “Adventure Mom.” I’d never seen a barefoot hiker in the Virginia mountains before.

For people our age–me 74 at the end of this month, she … well … not in her 30s any longer–that was a big deal, a big commitment. But hell and high water would not keep us from it … and they didn’t.

Here are photos of us, the falls, the hike, and the sheer joy of it all.

We capped the hike with a little lunch. Actually, with a lot of lunch.

Colorful food is good food.
Susan in the creek. We didn’t bother staying on the rocks on the way back.
No, she didn’t fall off the rock.
Fun? Yeh. I’d say.
The old man humping the hill.
This is me easing into the cold water.
I like this shot by Susan a lot.

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