Highlighting a Warm Visit

Meg (front) and Rachel climbing the rocks at Stiles Falls in Montgomery County.
Margie and “the girls,” as she calls them (Meghann, right; Rachel left).

My Margie’s daughter, Meghann Garmany, and her partner, Rachel Pitkin have been visiting for a couple weeks from New York and I’ve been given the chance to spend time with these delightful women, really for the first time.

We’ve done some hiking and paddling and the young women are a very real joy, enthusiastic and eager for adventures. They absorb their experiences like a good meal (some of the experiences¬†are a good meal) and remember them.

Both are interesting conversationalists, at least partly because of their careers: Rachel a historian, Meg a New York actor (and bartender). Here are a few photos of them enjoying our mountains and Meghann’s mom.

The age-old question: If you don’t photograph it, does it exist?
The pause that refreshes: Looking at and listening to the stream.
A walk in the water is a special treat.
Half the fun of a hike is being with someone special.
This is a nude of my forest girlfriend, found about halfway up the trail to Stiles Falls. She’s always there for me.
Cozying up on the rocks in mid-stream.
Some of the hike is more of a climb.
Just the three of us (shot by a Navy dude from Norfolk, who was visiting with his family).
This is one of those photos “the girls” can look back upon and feel great.
Thank ya, Jesus!
And thank ya again.
A completely natural Meghann.
Water, water everywhere …
More climbing on the way back.
Another reward, as if the hike weren’t enough. These two eat like linebackers.

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