To Paint My Deck, I Found a Jewel

Eve-lynn Deegan up on the roof … with a paint brush.

A delightful young woman named Eve-lynn Deegan painted my porch and chimney this morning and I was simply thrilled with her work.

She was quiet, efficient, neat, and she finished the entire project in less than half a day. Eve-lynn sang the entire time with a lovely voice. Reminded me of my mom when she was working at home.

The color differential was an accident. One I like. (Note her socks, one pink, one green.)

Eve, a graduate of Community High School in downtown Roanoke (a school that caters to artistic and musical teens) wants to build her own house out as far as she can in the woods and mountains of Virginia. She’s learning the trade working with my old friend Roni Sutton, who highly recommended her for my job.

We ran into an initial problem–of my making–when I guessed at the color of the deck and bought what I thought was a match at a big box store. As it turns out, I like the contrast, so we stuck with it and Eve-lynn made it work by painting with such accuracy.

Eve-lynn, by the way, is the spelling of the British pronunciation of Evelyn. I like Eve-lynn. She should go far, fast. I sent her home with a bonus and some tomatoes from my garden.

Eve-lynn edging the deck before painting the flooring.

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