An Alternative Trip to Vinton

There were good veggies and safety at the Vinton Farmer’s Market.
Susan buying some veggies from the Hispanic farmer.

A walk on the Tinker Creek Greenway in Vinton this morning (after escaping Roanoke City Market’s sparse use of face masks, even among the farmers) was fruitful. There was a lot going on with the foliage and it was quite pretty, especially with the rain falling lightly and almost constantly.

My pal Susan and I had met at the Market so I could score

Tinker Creek offered this interesting view: a piece of sheet hanging from a tree and creating an interesting reflection.

some apples (they’re $1.29 a pound, compared to $2.69 a pound at Ikenberry Orchard in Botetourt County … and they’re just as good, if not better). I make butternut squash soup this time of the year and that requires tart, fresh apples. But City Market felt dangerous, like a Trump rally, so we left.

In Vinton, we went to the farmer’s market, which was lightly attended, but the farmer wore his mask and we felt much more protected, so we spent a good bit of money that Roanoke City Market could have had.

Here’s some of what we found in Vinton.

Trash in the trees reflected in Tinker Creek.
These little flowers look like Jack in the pulpit, but I’m not sure if they are.
A fishing float in the tree looks like a flower.
I’m not sure this is a daisy, but it’s close enough.
I have no idea–none at all–what this is. Looks like a bunch of baking potatoes.
Morning glory is every bit of that.

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