Trump Wants Another Mini-Me on the Court

Trump (left) and Trump (right).

It is being widely reported that Donald Trump wants Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. That’s just not true. Donald Trump wants Donald Trump on the Supreme Court and his three picks–people vowing eternal fealty to him–are proof positive.

Barrett is ostensibly pro-life, but she is anti-abortion, which is not to be confused with pro-life. One has little to do with the other. Hard-core anti-abortionists are likely to be pro-death penalty, anti-child health care and opposed to government nutrition programs for poor kids, pro-gun, pro-war, and opposed to Obamacare which covers 135 million Americans with health insurance.

They care deeply about fetuses, but not at all about poor and unwanted children, many of whom would starve to death without government help, many of whom have little or no care from a responsible adult, many of whom get no education, many of whom get into drugs and crime. They start out with 2 1/2 strikes against them and all too often that third strike comes the moment they are outside the womb.

I don’t blame Amy Barrett for what she is. Her whole life has been spent absorbing right-wing propaganda and she has little choice but to be what she is about to become: Donald Trump on the Supreme Court.

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Dan Smith is an award-winning journalist in Roanoke, Va., and a member of the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame. He is an author, photographer, essayist, father and grandfather. Co-founder of Valley Business FRONT magazine and founder of the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference. On Advisory Board of New River Voice.

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