Brand New Sheets; 60 Years Old

These are the sheets, brand new, and 60 years old.

Two years ago, I bought two sets of brand new JC Penney sheets for a double bed at Goodwill. They were brand new, still in the package. They were made in 1960.

Here’s the original price tag.

Today, it happened again. Two white bottom sheets still in their original 60-year-old package (with the original price tag of $2.69 still on the package).

Goodwill charged $4.99 for each fitted sheet. The 1960 price equates to $23.62 in 2020 dollars, so it’s still quite a bargain at Goodwill.

The sheets are the best I’ve ever owned from the standpoint of comfort and natural fit. They are the kind of sheets my mother would have put on my bed when I was a young teenager.

But this purchase brings up a problem: Should I keep the sheets as historical artifacts or put them on my bed? For the first two sets, I broke them out immediately and put them on the bed. I kept the packaging and still have it with those lovely mid-century graphics.

In any case, I love the sheets and I especially appreciate the “find.”

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