Meeting Up with Roger and His Truck

Roger’s truck scoots up the side of a steep rock. He’s at the control.
Roger and his truck on the rock.

My pal Susan and I took a nice woodsy walk at Hanging Rock Battlefield early this evening and ran into Roger Wright and his toy truck.

Roger is a devotee of model trucks that run remotely and climb big rocks, among other things. The trucks may be toys, but they aren’t so much for little boys as for big boys. The truck he showed us this evening, he says, was worth about $1,100, only $300 or so of that for the basic vehicle. The rest is customizing it and getting it ready to compete with some of his buddies.

Roger talks about “a bunch of guys” he hangs out with who are as excited about the little trucks as he. Roger owns several of them, he says, and he can’t get his 10-year-old son interested, so he plays with bigger boys. His wife tolerates his hobby. It’s addictive, he insists.

Nice guy, this Roger.

This is Susan taking a photo of one of the big rocks along the creek.
Susan shoots the trail from a low angle. The colors were lovely.

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