Beauty of the Blue Ridge (and Its Spoiler)

This is the ridgeline over Carvins Cove near the top of the Hollins Greenway trail.

I was tempted to put the photo at the end of this post right there at the top so you could see just how gross Appalachian Power’s lines running across our majestic mountains can be.

But I didn’t. This is our special time of the year in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I’m not going to let APCo Trump-ize it. There is still plenty to see. Just don’t concentrate on the broad vistas because you’ll inevitably come across a huge power line swath of defoliation.

Yesterday, my hike was up the lower hill at Tinker Mountain, along the Hollins Greenway trail. The colors were lovely, luminescent even when backlit with a bright midday sun. Here is what it looked like.

Red, yellow and blue: The Blue Ridge at its best.
Are these blueberries? I didn’t even know I’d shot them until I checked the photo (of honeysuckle flowers, out of focus).
That’s the old boy in his subtle T-shirt above the Cove.
This is Tinker Mountain shot from beside the power lines.
Found this little dude on a stump. Some kid must have tired of wearing it.


This is APCo’s power line cutting through one of the most visible mountains in the Blue Ridge chain. Really pisses me off.

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