Finally, a Ray of Hope in America

We’re entering the second post-election-day day and we still don’t have a president for the next cycle. It’s promising for Joe Biden, but Trump could still win strictly on voting totals in some hair-thin close states. We could later today or it could take a week or two.

I think the possibility of a Biden win (Las Vegas bettors have it at 85 percent) has helped alleviate a lot of stress among half of our population and increase that same stress among the other half. Not much, I fear, will change with Biden’s election. Should Trump retain the presidency, a lot will change and none of it will be for the better.

Already the Republican Party has re-structured government to suit its far right-wing and has completely eliminated any Republican voice of reason by out-shouting those voices. There are a lot of honest and good Republicans who have no place to go these days (think Lincoln Project). Their own party doesn’t want them and they don’t want to be Democrats, though I suspect many would be welcome.

I think I am most disappointed by the many Latinos and African-American men who voted for Trump, a totally unexpected turn of events from my perspective. I have no idea what these voters expect from Trump or Mitch McConnell, but let me make them a promise: you won’t get it.

Today could have been a mournful disaster. It is not. It offers hope and for many of us, that is an emotion that has almost become foreign.


By admin

Dan Smith is an award-winning journalist in Roanoke, Va., and a member of the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame. He is an author, photographer, essayist, father and grandfather. Co-founder of Valley Business FRONT magazine and founder of the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference. On Advisory Board of New River Voice.