Celebrating Fall and the Saving of Our Country

Susan shot this beautifully lit shot of me sitting on one of the rocks in the Roanoke River.

The longest election day of my lifetime (Tuesday-Saturday) finally ended around noon today when CNN called the election for Joe Biden, although it had been obvious he would win since Wednesday.

Still, there was plenty of reason to celebrate–even for those who lost–since fall was in full loveliness today with the sun creating an almost neon effect through the trees on the Blue Ridge Parkway. My pal Susan and I took advantage of the double invitation to celebration by driving up to Niagra Dam and hiking down to the Roanoke River and along its rocky banks for a good while.

It was fun. It was lovely. It was such a huge–HUGE–relief. We no longer have to wake up daily with what that man has done to us on our minds. We can go back to living our lives and believing our country will survive intact.

The view of the dam is rarely this clean and clear.
Another clean look at the terraced dam.
Susan and me on the path down to the river.
There were quite a few kids playing on the rocks in the river.
This little girl was quite the adventurer.
Kids scramble over the rocks.
Susan makes her way down to the river with the sun illuminating the trees on the opposite bank.
Susan appreciating where she is and what just happened to our country.
Susan says that since the vote promise of Tuesday, her stress level has diminished considerably … as has that of many millions of us.
Less stress, more celebration, more relaxation.
Even old man Pampa is diggin’ it.

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