Adventure at Bottom Creek Gorge

Meghann found this lovely little creek hidden beside the main hiking trail.

Bottom Creek Gorge is one of the popular hikes in Western Virginia, primarily because the payoff is a 1,000-foot tall waterfall that in times of heavy rain becomes a majestic view. We have had that heavy rain recently and when Meghann Garmany (Margie’s daughter), her partner Rachel Pitkin and I tackled the hike yesterday–in a high wind–it was something of an adventure.

Bottom Creek Gorge waterfall at full pond.

The wind was so strong and the trees so baren of leaves that the swaying boughs had their own distinct soundtrack, including a loud “CRACK!” when one of the old trees came down as we watched. A couple of small limbs fell in my path, barely missing me, and Meg kept saying, “Watch out!” as the wink cranked at about 25 mph high in the trees.

Still, the hike was all but uneventful until we got to the falls and saw its magnificence. I had never seen it so full in the dozen or so hikes I’ve taken at Bottom Creek over the years and I was glad it saved its best for Meg and Rach.


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