A Nice Find at Mountain Pond (Lake?)

There were several spots where longs impeded progress on the War Spur trail.

My hiking bud Susan and I discovered a trail that had been right before our eyes over the weekend at Mountain Lake (Virginia’s only lake, though it is disappearing).

Susan works her way through and over a blasted open tree.

“Dirty Dancing” was filmed at Mountain Lake, so you know it, but I’ll bet you didn’t know it is honeycombed with hiking trails, some easy, some extremely steep and difficult. One of the trails is the Appalachian Trail.

The one we hiked Saturday was War Spur, a loop with a nice view of the mountains halfway through. My guess is that when the leaves are full, there isn’t much of a view because the woods are dense here, but with the leaves on the ground, there was plenty to see. Here are some photos of the hike.

This is the old boat house with what’s left of Mountain Lake behind it. It’s more Mountain Pond these days. And it’s Virginia’s only natural lake.
Susan unloads lunch so we can eat on these stones.
Susan loves reading the directions. I leave that to her.
The trail is not nearly as lonely as this black and white photo makes it look.
That’s us, all safe, sound, distanced and masked.
No need to wonder where we were.
Susan crossing a stream.
This is the first glimpse of the best view. Not exactly imposing, but promising.
This is Susan’s superhero look.
This is my “I’m so lazy I can’t enjoy the view by standing up” look.
Susan climbs like a three-year-old: everything.
The eagle has landed.
The old man finally works up enough energy to look at the view.
Susan had a good time. Look at that smile and that dance across the rocky stream.
This was a bonus at the foot of the mountain on the way to Mountain Pond (uh, Lake).
I can’t resist shooting covered bridges.
Susan likes the bridge, too.
OK, so now, it gets to the “ham” stage.

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