Trump and the Evangelical Preacher Crooks

With the news that Donald Trump has raised $170 million since he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden comes the logical question: How is he different from the evangelical preachers who have been fleecing the ignorant and gullible for a very long time?

Jimmy Swaggart

Consider that he sent an Oral Roberts type of beg following the election (“If you don’t contribute, god will call me home”) and the beg-athon brings up recollections of a rogues gallery: Jimmy Swaggart, James Bakker (I’ll forgive Tammy), Jerry Falwell Sr., Aimee McPherson, Pat Robertson, Ernest Angley, and Billy James Hargis to name a few. There are a lot of others.

They used the money to further their mission, which was to get rich and stay rich, all the while influencing American politics (negative for us, positive for them). Trump already has some horrendous legal bills, which grow daily, and the banks will call in loans often estimated at nearly $1 billion within the next two years. He could well be facing criminal charges in states like New York (and federally if the new AG has the guts to do it).

Will poor Southerners who can’t afford health insurance or formula for their babies contribute to fund this sick sonofabitch?

The simple and easy answer is “yes.”

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