The Wintry Mood of Roaring Run

The color and the light were glorious today at one of the lower “falls.”

Roaring Run in Botetourt County, just north of Roanoke, is one of my favorite hikes. It’s a bit on the short side, but every step is a visual feast and a clinic in relaxation.

This feeder stream usually flows like a water fountain, but the recent snow and rain has made it a mini-waterfall.

Regardless of the day, the month or the season, RR always fascinates me and I simply cannot hike it without a camera. There is always something different to see even when I’m shooting the same basic photographs. I mean, we’re only talking about a mile of trail each way, but this rapid stream always holds fascination and joy for me.

This was it today.

A big of a somber look on a joyful day. No explanation.
Self-portrait: the photographer’s shadow.
This is my yoga rock. Thought I’d sit on it for a bit of a change.
Think winter is dull and gray? Think again.
This progression is one I call “the steps” because it climbs to the fall and has a great sliding rock.
The falls at the top and the runoff going down the hill.
The distinctive split of Roaring Run Falls.
Looks like Pampa cheered up once he reached the falls.
The sun peeks over the falls.
I love the long view of the flow of the falls.

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