We Survived, Thanks to Solidarity

Mob ransacks Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Note the idiot on the left placing a call and the one on the right with his feet on the desk.

The U. S. Congress acted exactly as it is supposed to yesterday–perhaps by default, but still locking arms and standing tall to protect our form of government for one more day under the Trump assault.

Mob shows walls can be climbed.

A large group of Trump terrorists–the unofficial count is 10,000–rushed the U.S. Capitol, where the Senate and House were debating whether Joe Biden would be the new president and caused physical and emotional damage. Four people are reported dead, one of a gunshot wound. Much of the massive building was trashed and looted.

But after various law agencies re-took control and pushed the mob away from the Capitol building, the House and Senate reconvened and made relatively short work of confirming Biden’s presidency, a mostly ceremonial act that had gotten out of hand.

All of what unfolded on television, flipping from one network to another, looking for the latest images and listening to reporters and commentators roundly criticizing Trump and his army of right-wing malcontents. Even Fox News, Trump’s official lapdog, couldn’t take much of what was going on.

Facebook and Twitter (both of which have banned Trump) today have a lot of Trump supporters blaming Antifa for the whole debacle yesterday. Trump supporters live in an alternate universe.

The incident became a rare moment of solidarity when people like Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the very image of partisanship on a normal day, sounded like real diplomats, people who honestly cared about their country.

Even an apparently drunk Republican leader and Trump Toadie Lindsey Graham rose to the occasion, blasting the terrorists and saying without reservation Biden was most definitely president.

Trump terrorists rush through the Capitol building, threatening, trashing, looting.

It was a political day to remember. On top of all the commotion, Georgia elected two Democratic senators, throwing the Senate into a 50-50 deadlock with Vice President Kamala Harris becoming the 51st vote for the Democrats when any measure is tied.

Today the mission of finding out what happened to Capitol security, usually dependable, begins. Was the breach an inside job? Was it organized by the Trump organization or an outside group? Whose head is on the chopping block?

But for now, we have to acknowledge that the result was our government holding together in the face of its most direct threat in many decades, perhaps since the Civil War.

I was pushed to the verge of tears several times when people I have come to loathe appeared to rise to the occasion and to defend America against this traitorous mob. It was a nice moment. One to remember when Trump next strikes. As he will.

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Dan Smith is an award-winning journalist in Roanoke, Va., and a member of the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame. He is an author, photographer, essayist, father and grandfather. Co-founder of Valley Business FRONT magazine and founder of the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference. On Advisory Board of New River Voice.

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